Chrome Plating On Plastics

Are You

facing inconsistent quality, costing, and delivery challenges with your existing plating supplier?

looking for a plating supplier with infrastructure to produce plating jigs, in-demand colors & finishing like satin, black chrome, tri-chrome, chrome-free (CR3) plating to match green environment norms?

losing the market share and customer’s trust you deserve due to poor quality of plated aesthetic parts?

Do You Face Challenges

with field failures from your dealers or frequently replacing plated parts causing financial and reputational issues?

of delays in product launch due to late or small quantity for initial build-up, poor-quality and late delivery by the supplier and have to spend time and energy in following-up?

with suppliers not understanding product specifications and delivering wrong and inconsistent quality products?

We Can Help You

J4S has the most advanced facilities, machines, and equipment to cater to the diverse and special needs of the industry.

Integrated Production Facility

Backward integrated facility enabling to undertake range of projects including DFME, tool designing, tool making, moulding, plating, jig manufacturing, painting, and assembly with minimal input from the customer.
The Plant is split into 3 separate segments for loading and unloading, plating operations, and external utilities like air blowers, chillers, AHUs, scrubbers, and air compressors
Integrations like distilled water and reverse osmosis plant along with a fully automatic ETP help us efficiently manage wastewater. All our treated water is ZLD compatible.


Overall plant capacity of 26,000 square feet per day and two fully automated plating lines with almost identical plating window ensure de-risking production in case of any eventuality.
Plating window of size L 2100 mm, W 350 mm, H 1150 mm, is the largest in India and can accommodate geometries of parts like large front grills and back garnishings.
Plating plant with UPS 1100 KVA power backup to support the entire plant and a D.G backup with an auto-start in 6 sec.

Advanced Machinery

Advanced machinery includes Flexi Scada Programing system to produce consistentently high-quality products, Aucos GmBH fully-automated production systems using cutting edge technology, best quality auxiliary equipment like rectifiers from CRS Italy, filters from Serfilco, and chiller by Trane USA.
Advanced automation features like temperature sensors, pH sensors, Level sensors, Filter systems ensuring high productivity and efficiency.

Product Range

Equipped with long lifecycle machines and positive pressure systems, we can deliver consistentently high-quality products with multiple finishes like bright chrome, trichrome, graphite, satin, and black chrome from the same line.

Quality And Control

NABL accredited labs equipped to perform analytical and performance tests like thickness, CASS, and thermal shock on the world’s best thermocycler chambers like the Weise Gmbh chambers.
Our plant is IATF certified and chemistry is Auto OEM approved.
Strong process audit function to assure desired quality and QA systems to reduce waste through rejections.

Dedicated Team

Availability of a well-qualified and trained plating team, with over 200 years of combined experience in automotive and non-automotive requirements, ensuring the highest reliability, workability, quickest troubleshooting & resolution to issues related to processing, machines, etc.
Dedicated teams for product development, tool design, tool engineering, mould engineering, surface finishing, QA engineering, and project management.

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