Sheet Stamping And Cutting

Are You Looking For A Supplier

with the right tonnage of power-press as per specified part thickness, hardness, and dimension?

having pre & post press shop, control press shop, material tracking, inspection systems, moulded parts testing, and fiber laser cutting machines?

having in-house processes, systems, facilities, and skilled man-power to produce the highest quality output, on-time and within budget?

Do You Face Challenges

of inferior or unavailable shearing machines and pre & post-processing facilities causing the sheet to be trapped resulting in a nonuniform bending & forming operations on the press?

in unavailability or inferior quality sequential gate controllers, incoming sheet & safety mechanism, etc. causing accidents & defects such as acetic acid, stress test failure, weld line cracking, waviness, thickness variation, lamination NG, etc.?

due to delays in receiving raw material from supplier, excess mould loading time, SMED non-implementation, etc. resulting in order loss and component mismatch?

We Can Help You

J4S has the most advanced facilities, machines and equipment such as the SPM Power Press Shop to cater to the special needs of the industry.


20+ SPM power press machines ranging from 10 to 300 tons, with a bigger bed size to take care of less thickness large components.
Nitrogen gas-assisted fiber laser cutting
Precision multi-EOT cranes, from Demak, Germany, ensure safety, less mould change over time, and greater operational efficiency.
Advanced software for seamless production data collection directly from the machine and enabling real-time data display like OEE, Plan VZ actual, etc.

Dedicated Team

Availability of a well-qualified and trained team of professionals, managers, engineers with over 50 years of combined experience ensuring the highest reliability, workability, quickest troubleshooting & resolution to issues related to process, machines, etc.

In-house Mould Manufacturing & Tool Room

In-house tool-room with experienced manpower for urgent and regular maintenance and repair of all complex moulds and to avoid eventuality during the production halt and line stoppage penalty.

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