Injection Moulding

Are You Looking

for a moulded parts manufacturer having the right equipment for pre-drying, dehumidification, and controlling defects? 

for the ability to deploy the right tonnage as per part weight and dimension?

in-house processes, systems, facilities, and skilled man-power to produce the highest quality output, on-time, and within budget? 

Do You Face Challenges

of inferior pre & post processing facilities, preheating equipment, mould, temperature controllers, sequential gas controllers, double core puller, etc.?

due to the unavailability of right-capacity, size and quality machines, auxiliaries tools, raw materials, etc.

of production delays and rejection, defects such as silver lines, gas marks, flow marks, shrinkage, scratch, weld line, stress failure, flashes, sinking, etc. ?

We Can Help You

J4S Alliance is India’s leading plastic injection moulding parts manufacturer with a state-of-the-art moulding plant and world-class facilities, equipment, systems, processes, and manpower to service its clients across automobile and other sectors


80+ Injection Moulding machines with a robotic interface, ranging from 60 tons to 1000 tons, equipped with SMED, BIMATLIC & Chrome screw barrels ensuring a wide variety of raw material and mould handling capabilities. Gas-assisted moulding system to run gas assisted moulds with higher thickness and better surface finish.

Quality & Controls

World’s best-centralized material feeding system with a dehumidifier (from Whitman, Austria), for preheating plastic raw material.
Highest quality auxiliary equipment like mould temperature controller, chiller, QMC, etc. ensuring defect-free delivery.


Precision multi-EOT cranes (Demak, Germany) ensure safety, less mould change over time, and greater operational efficiency.
Automated material movement and handling facilities reducing part handling and in-process movement time.
Advanced software to collect production data seamlessly from the machine directly ensuring real-time data display like OEE, Plan vs Actual, etc.

In-house Raw Material Manufacturing

With an in-house raw-material manufacturing unit for PVC, TPV, TPO raw material, we incur zero material shortages and can affirm the timely availability of all planned material.
Different grades of raw material can be trial and developed in-house enabling us to deliver any moulding part with zero external dependencies

Skilled Staff

Availability of a well-qualified and trained team of professionals, managers, engineers with over 500 years of combined experience ensuring the highest reliability, workability, quickest troubleshooting & resolution to issues related to process, machines, etc.

In-house Maintenance & Repair

In-house tool-room with experienced manpower for urgent and regular maintenance and repair of all complex moulds and rolls to avoid eventuality during the production halt and line stoppage penalty.


Automobile – Interior




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